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Groups arrange their service contacting local projects. Duchesne House provides speakers on various cultural, social and environmental issues, a tour of the area most devasted by Katrina to see what progress has been made and still needs to be done, with opportunity to talk with local residents. An important aspect of the week is reflection on the experience and morning prayer. Duchesne staff is available to work with student leaders and/or chaperones.

Duchesne House, a 100 year old house, a former parish priests’ residence, is a large house with 2 dorms for 14 students (10 of one gender, 4 of the other) with chaperones in the hall. Sleeping accommodations consist of bunk beds or air mattresses, 3 bathrooms are shared by the group. On the first evening Duchesne House provides a welcome meal and a special prayer service, the Ceremony of Light. During the week students plan and cook their own meals. Transportation to and from the airport and the work site is provided by the group.