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Duchesne House for Volunteers was opened by the Society of the Sacred Heart in 2007 as a response to the needs of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. Members of the Society, Religious of the Sacred Heart have staffed the Duchesne house since its foundation. Today Bonnie Kearney RSCJ, Sergio Vasquez (Associate), and Maureen Chicoine RSCJ are its current staff.

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Click La Salle Academy for a video on the group's 2016 work while at Duchesne House and Saint Anselm College for a recap of their January 2018 stay.

Duchesne House is a ministry of the Society of the Sacred Heart, an international community of vowed religious women present in over 40 countries. The Society has a long connection with New Orleans. In 1818 St. Rose Philippine Duchesne, and a group of companions landed there and proceeded to found schools throughout the Louisiana territory.  The Society’s oldest educational institution in continuing operation founded in 1821, is a few hours from New Orleans in Grand Coteau, LA. Sacred Heart Academy in New Orleans has educated young girls from kindergarten through high school for over 100 years since its foundation in 1887.

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