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Excerpts from Student Evaluation

High School students

I learned to put other peoples’ needs before my own.

Don’t take what you have for granted.

The most valuable insight I experienced was that there are always different perspectives on issues.

Every minute that I spent in New Orleans was a “God-moment” but mostly the people that I met and saw made me realize how thankful I should be for the life I live.

I have a new perspective when it comes to devastation and am more aware of economic and social group differences.

The work pushed the ego aside - - I found my focus to be on others all week and throughout the week I “forgot” my own needs and wants…

Best thing about my stay at Duchesne house was the hospitality and generosity of the RSCJ.

I grew in my understanding of how poverty effects a community.

College and University Students

I experienced community through the rich culture shared by generations and the soul that is almost tangible in the air.

I felt that God was looking out for me during this trip I haven’t really been close with God recently and our relationship is complicated but I felt at ease throughout the entire trip and could open up with others when I had previously struggled to.

I was struck by the sense of celebration these people have! Dancing to jazz in the French Quarter tonight I feel alive and connected to Christ. Letting go and just dancing allowed me to experience the joy of God.

Having a different religion made our morning prayers and night reflections very interesting. I have never had the opportunity to experience and be part of a Christian prayer and see the beauty of it. It opened my eyes to the various ways a person can reach and connect to his or her God and it could be through music sitting in groups and sharing thoughts, having a goal or a question for a day.

While my relationship with God is complicated I definitely felt close to God while visiting the Cathedral.

“I am considering a year of service after graduation.”

“I can make a difference no matter how small. My relationships with God and others are exponentially more important than material things.”

“I want to come back … I now know I want to serve and help others.”

“This trip has given me a new perspective on religious life and the work that is done, which is not seen and appreciated by the wider community.”

The most valuable insight I gained during my time here was the importance of reflection and prayer when experiencing another place, also solidarity.