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Duchesne House offers Spring Program for Sacred Heart Alums and Associates

The Society of the Sacred Heart established Duchesne House as response to the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. We asked the questions: beyond our school here in New Orleans, how might we help in the rebuilding of this community? What would Philippine do today? The following programs, each offering an engaging, reflective, and prayerful experience, are our response:

March 2 – 5: Justice, Peace, Integrity of Creation
Proposed Agenda:

Arrive for dinner and orientation
Take the self-directed tour of the Presbytere exhibit on Katrina
Go on the Hope Reality Tour (Lower 9th Ward) to see where a levee broke and what has happened over time to the area
Visit Grow Dat Farm and take tour of the Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation
Go on the Atchafalya Basin Keeper tour to see cause and effect of actions on the water habitat
Do service work with Green Light New Orleans
Film viewing followed by discussion
Liturgy at Our Lady of Guadalupe parish
Closing and departure

April 12 – 16: Race, Poverty and Culture Conversations
Proposed Agenda:

Arrive for dinner and orientation
Go to the Whitney Plantation for a tour and visit the Musee de FPC (Free People of Color)
Visit the Community Book Center, an Afro-centric center for the community run by two wonderful women, neighbors and friends, for conversation
Liturgy at Our Lady of Guadalupe Church; afternoon in the French Quarter; four to five drumming circle in Congo Square
Closing and departure

May 24 – 29: Goals of the Sacred Heart in a Time of Distrust
Proposed Agenda:

Arrive for dinner and orientation
Tour of the St. Louis Cathedral alongside the history of Father Mastri’s stand on the burial of a Black soldier who fought for the North (this took place at the Church next door to Duchesne House on Bayou Road)

Tour of the Whitney Plantation and video on Bryan Stevenson
Visit to Studio Be, a graffiti artist who sets his work in philosophy and plunges into history
Visit with Chief David Montana, a New Orleans Mardi Gras Indian
Liturgy at Our Lady of Guadalupe parish to experience community of great diversity seeped in ritual of the Church
Closing and departure

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