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11th Annual Nuns' Build with SBP

Once again we are partnering with SBP to support the 11th annual Nuns' Build.  Last year we welcomed alumna Debbie Dunham (Duchesne Academy, Houston) and members of the IHM community who participated in the Build and stayed at Duchesne House.  Register HERE and let us know if you'd like to be part of this community service project with women religious and lay volunteers from around the country. Here are those we will be helping this year:


The Reese Family & SBP's Opportunity Housing Program: When you volunteer you could be helping to build new homes on abandoned and blighted properties to serve as affordable housing for first time home buyers and renters such as the Reese family. Mr & Mrs Reese, both native New Orleanians, were displaced for many years as teenagers post-Katrina. In March of 2018 they became first time home buyers through SBP's Opportunity Housing program and were able to provide a safe, stable home for their three small children in the city where their roots and family run deep. So many New Orleanians like the Reese's find themselves struggling to afford safe, stable housing for their families. Twelve years after Hurricane Katrina, one of its largest remaining impacts is the affordable housing crisis left in its wake. The simple fact is that the population of New Orleans is finally returning to its pre-Katrina size, but the same cannot be said for the affordable housing stock. Without options such as SBP's Opportunity Housing Program so many New Orleans families like the Reese's are left behind in the face of rising rents and new developments. Thanks to volunteers like you, SBP is proud to be part of the Reese's road home.

2017 New Orleans East Tornado On February 7, 2017 New Orleans East was hit by a major tornado that damaged over 800 homes and destroyed over 300. When you volunteer, you could be helping to rebuild for a tornado impacted family such as the Dorseys. The Dorseys were one of the first families in the neighborhood to return after Hurricane Katrina. They are proud to raise they family in New Orleans East and were ready to rebuild for a second time. However, due to an addition they built on the property, they were dropped by their insurance. Thanks to volunteers like you SBP was able to welcome the Dorseys home last year. SBP is currently helping many tornado impacted families in New Orleans East rebuild.

Hurricanes Katrina, Isaac and other storms. Twelve years after Hurricane Katrina there are still many families living in partially repaired homes or unable to return at all. For these folks, whose stories are layered with challenge after challenge, help may seem long gone. Ms. Lucas, a great grandmother and New Orleans native whose home was destroyed in Katrina, was forced to evacuate to Houston for four years after the storm. Before returning to rebuild she lost her husband, mother and daughter-in-law. During her rebuilding process she then experienced contractor fraud. She moved back into a home that was never fully completed and took on the projects that she could over the years. Time and other storms have continued to take their tole on the home, while health complications have severely limited her mobility. With the help of volunteers like you SBP will repair the floors and other smaller projects to return the home to a safe place for her to live in comfortably and share with her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.