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Oftentimes our guests leave with a desire to come back to New Orleans, so moved are they by their experience of being in this "magical" city that seems to navigate challenge with such resilience.  One way we hope to stay in touch with students and other participants is via our Social Media presence.  Each platform offers a unique approach.  Our Facebook site, launched on August 1, 2007 is easily the most recognized platform and allows friends and friends of friends to stay connected and share with us where they are and what’s been happening with them as well as providing them a way to see what others have been up to here at Duchesne House.  Similarly, our Instagram account posts image-based updates to our followers.   And yes, we are also on Twitter, connecting  Duchesne House across the globe to other Sacred Heart communities.  As a rule, Duchesne House respects the privacy of our guests and followers and will not follow individual people back, rather, choosing to follow groups and organizations such as those with whom we work (SBP, the Whitney Plantation, Studio Be, etc.) and other Sacred Heart schools and mission driven organizations from around the world. 

A new platform we’ve introduced this summer is our WordPress blog.  This dynamic platform allows us to showcase the experiences of our visitors in a much more personal way.  Aside from photos and video of their time with us, we invite participants to share narratives of their experiences.  We began this with our own Sacred Heart students who arrived this past July as part of our Network of Sacred Heart Schools’ Summer Network Service Project.  Each summer, Sacred Heart students from all 24 of our schools in the United States and Canada apply to participate in various service oriented projects hosted by different Sacred Heart communities.  Our own program on Race, Poverty and Culture saw seven students from 6 of our Sacred Heart schools participate.  Their first-hand accounts as well as the photos give viewers a closer, more personal view on what’s happening at Duchesne House. 

We hope that these platforms allow our visitors, those physical and virtual a way to stay “plugged in” to this important ministry of the Society of the Sacred Heart.   Peace and Blessings,